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It was sometimes back when we reported you about the different unique products which Xiaomi manufactures. Xiaomi has been great in the Smartphone industry giving tough competition to every other manufacturer. While looking at the Asian market, out of every four smartphone one is definitely of Xiaomi. As of now, Xiaomi has come up with its new Smart Shoe known as Amazfit which comes with a new fitness tracker.


Xiaomi Amazfit, A new Smart Shoe:

Looking back, Xiaomi already has launched two pairs of fitness-centric smart shoes in China in last two years. While the company had tied up with China-based Li-Ning to release its first pair of smart fitness shoes, similarly another pair which was version 2 came from its sub-brand Mijia. As of now, Xiaomi another sub-brand known as Amazfit has come up with a new pair of smart outdoor shoes. These price of the new Smart Amazfit shoes is 199 Yuan (approx $32 /NRS. 3360) and is highly shock-absorbing, non-slip, breathable, and water-proof. The shoes will be available in multiple colors such as Black, Gray, Orange, Green, and Rose Gold.

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Features of Amazfit:

Xiaomi has stated that the company has been using the breathable insole and Goodyear outsole for better comfort and durability in these new outdoor shoes. These shoes have got ERC (elastic responsive cushioning) material which has improved the shock absorption quality of the insole. Looking at the outsole of the Smart Shoe, the Goodyear material is able to withstand even most harder terrains giving you a better grip on the surface. Looking at the fitness side, the Amazfit shoes is coupled with second-generation fitness tracker embedded in it. But, the new fitness tracker needs to be paid separately while purchasing the shoe.

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After Syncing with the Mi-Fit app on your Android or IOS device, the user can have look at the fitness data like steps count, distance traveled, and calories burnt. If you compare this Amazfit to the previous trackers used in the earlier shoes launched by Xiaomi, the new second-generation fitness tracker will provide more accurate data.  While there has been no buzz about the pricing of the shoe, it will be on sale from May 30th.

Xiaomi Amazfit

There is no news about the pricing and availability of the Smart Shoe in the Global Market. The smart shoe is exclusive to the Chinese market as of now.

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Stay tuned to for further updates on pricing and availability of the Shoe. Tell us, what are your thoughts about the Smart shoe.  And, what price it should be launched in Nepal in the comment box below.


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