Windows 10 has taken over the Operating system market as a storm. Since it’s release the Operating has got various major updates. It is getting better with every passing day. It has brought versatile changes in the Software market. Yet, I am sure many of you are holdout who has not yet Upgrade to Windows 10.

Maybe you are using Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or hope, not you are using Windows XP. Well, there may be a lot of reasons you might not be upgrading to Windows 10. I am going to give you some reasons, why you should Upgrade to Windows 10.

It is the latest Operating System. You will surely get some benefits out of it. Additionally, there are somethings you can’t do with previous Operating System. I have covered different reasons why you should consider Upgrade to Windows 10.

Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10:

Upgrade to Windows 10

In this article, I have talked about various reasons. Why every one of you should be Upgrade to Windows 10.

1. Windows 10 is Free:

First of all, one reason to Upgrade to Windows 10 is you can get Windows 10 for FREE. well, the company has said that you cannot upgrade for free anymore. But there is one way to do so. That is through Microsoft Insider program. Because they are offering a copy of Free Windows 10 whoever joins the Microsoft Insider Preview program.

All you need to do is, Sign Up on their Insider Program page. Next, you need to download the desired copy of the Windows 10. Keep in mind that, Insider program is the beta program of Microsoft where they collect some data for testing. The Insider Preview can only be installed on the PC on which it was registered and downloaded.

The insider program will give you all the latest builds and features which are yet to be available to the public. Microsoft is giving a copy of genuine Windows 10 whoever joins the insider program. It is a testing method for them which is done directly by the user. Keep in mind that, the Insider Preview version might not be stable and can crash sometimes.

2. Windows 10 is the last OS by Microsoft:

Another reason, why you should Upgrade to Windows 10 is that Microsoft has said that Windows 10 is the last version of windows. What they mean is that instead of releasing a big Windows update a new version every few years. They basically made the windows 10 to be modular.

Meaning, they built it so that they could make major upgrades to individual components independently. Hence, they can release major upgrades every six months and update the entire Operating System in parts instead of the whole thing.

So, even though it’s called Windows 10, they will probably rename it to call Windows at some point of time. Say after 5 or 6 years, they will have made so many updates to different parts that it will actually have completely different software that it would right now. So, it is technically the last version of Windows OS because there is going to be a continuous update coming to it.

That is kind of reason why you should upgrade to windows 10 now. If you get it now, you won’t really need to upgrade in the future.

3. Windows 10 has Better Security:

There is no doubt that Windows 10 has better security than it’s previous versions. It’s just newer and they have integrated a lot of security features which were not available in the previous version.

One explicit example is Exploit protection that used to be part of Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit. This was a piece of advanced software. You might not have heard it ever before. You wouldn’t have known about it. But it did actually allow power user to prevent exploits in software running on the computer.

But now, they depreciated that software and integrated it directly into Windows 10. It was added to its major update which was the fall creator update. So on top of all the other security features, you are going to get stuff like exploit protection.

If you open a PDF which has an exploit built in. then your operating system can itself protect that from being malicious. Not to mention the fact because Microsoft is continuously working on Windows 10, there are a lot more likely to discover issues which they will patch.

If they are not actively making features on windows 7 or 8, they are less likely to figure out issues in them and fix them. They might rely on security researchers to find these issues. Some even might be discovered by hackers. Hence, the more actively it’s being used, the more likely secure it is.

4. Support for Older OS is going to END:

You might know this or not but the support for the previous version of Windows is going to End. If you didn’t know, Windows 7 support was revoked in 2015. They stopped doing mainstream support. And, they are now giving extended support up to 2020. They are just building the security patches. Hence, it is recommended to Upgrade to Windows 10.

Upgrade to Windows 10 Support

And for Windows 8.1, mainstream support is going to be ending in January 2019. It means that they won’t be developing any new features for Windows 8.1. They will stop extended support for Windows 8.1 in another 5 years.

You need to keep in mind if you are using the older version of Windows, you are not going to get any features except security patches. There are some features which you probably would want.

5. Windows 10 Supports DirectX 12:

This is a good news for gamer i.e. Windows 10 supports DirectX 12. If you are not familiar with what DirectX is. Basically, it is an API that allows the game developer to better access the hardware in your computer so you can literally run games better. It helps to run the game more efficiently and be able to do more stuff.


The new version of DirectX always allows more features for developers. It means they can do better games and if they are exclusive. Then you are only going to able to run games on windows 10. Even if they are not exclusive but supports DirectX 12. Then, it might run well on windows 10.

6.  Universal Windows Apps:

Well, I am not really a big fan of windows app store where you can get these Windows Apps. But sometimes, it is pretty useful to use a Universal windows APP. specifically, that is because universal windows app is going to run on any device that uses windows 10. Whether it’s a desktop, a tablet or laptop or get this on XBOX.

Upgrade to Windows 10 Xbox

So any app that you run on your desktop could theoretically be run on an XBOX. that is actually a pretty cool feature. Also, if you do happen to use Apps from Windows App Store. One good thing is, it allows you to keep up to date. Because it should theoretically get up to date automatically instead of having manually checked with a software.

7. Windows 10 has More Features:

It’s for sure Windows 10 has more features. They are still developing different new features, unlike the previous versions. So not only you are going to get new features right now. There are going to be much more in the future as well. Hence, it is good to Upgrade to Windows 10.

New Features:

So one example is the night light feature. I have been talking about warming up the computer and phones forever using this feature. It basically dims the screen and makes it a little bit orange at night. And It is just easier on your eyes. Hence, It is less likely to keep you up at night.

If you disable it after using it, you will feel like a blind. You won’t believe you were using the computer without it before. It is very similar to F.lux software which I have mentioned before. This feature already exists on ios as Night Shift and on Android as Night Light.

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Some additional examples of features are better customizations of the Start Menu. if you are like me and hated the start menu of Windows 8.1, they have kind of improved it now. So, it’s kind of combination of Windows 7 & Windows 8 Start Menu. so, you basically do get that list of apps. But you still have the tiles and you can resize it. You can move it all around. And I have got used to it and like it.

Cool Feature:

Another cool feature is the virtual desktop. If you want to keep all the icons with work on one, you can switch between them. While your games and software are on another. That is pretty convenient.

Upgrade to Windows 10 resources

Also, another little feature is the task manager is also improved. We have got resources on there now. So even if you want to look at stuff like Bandwidth being used, GPU utilization, GPU memory. All sorts of stuff you are not going to get on previous versions.

8. Windows 10 will get New Update Every 6 Months:

Another reason for Upgrade to Windows 10 is it will be getting major updates every 6 months. That is the schedule that Microsoft has stuck to. So, unlike having to wait for major updates every few years. You are going to get a lot of features every six months.

Some examples of these are, they did the anniversary update. They rolled out creators update, fall creators update which introduced a bunch of cool features.

For example, the story of the remix. It’s like a video editor they have built in. so if you want to do some home movies or something like that. You can actually do some interesting effects with it. Normally, you would have to use After Effects for such thing. This works pretty half decently and it’s super easy.

Upgrade to Windows 10 HEadphones

Another example is Special Audio for headphones. If you didn’t know, Windows 10 has introduced a feature called a Virtual Surround sound. You can use it with any headset and can enable it with that sound icon. It’s like Dolby Atmos or 3D sound system. It is just that it is built in with Windows and is awesome while playing Video Games.

I think this article covers up everything, why you should upgrade to Windows 10. You may have been ignoring these for a long time but you should do it. Hope you liked the article. For more articles like this, keep following 101Nepal. Do share your views and comments via the comment box below.