Smartphones have taken rise in last few years. So, feature phones or as most of us like to say, keypad phones have taken a back seat. I mean we don’t really think of buying such phones anymore. Do we? But trust me, when I say the cheap phones are the best one to buy. So, let’s talk about why Cheap Phones are great to buy.

  • You won’t suffer heartbreaks  

    Yes, I mean it. You won’t suffer heartbreaks. That’s, absolutely right. I mean what happens when your iPhone or Galaxy phone slips from your hand and lands on the concrete floor. Your whole world turns upside down, literally. You don’t cry but you want badly to cry because it’s painful. But not if you have a feature phone. One of the feature phones is that it doesn’t hurt. Yes, it falls down, gets some bumps and scratches. But, that’s all fine. You just don’t give up and you don’t care.

  • You can live carefreely  

    When you buy a costly smartphone. You buy a case, a costly screen protector, a holder may be and many more stuffs to protect it from the harsh world. And, all of that is a big headache. With a cheap phone, you can live carefreely. I mean have you seen anyone using a case or screen protector on feature phone these days. I guess they don’t even make cases for such phones anymore. These phones don’t need armor instead they are armor. I mean you can just go home and throw wherever you want. You won’t even care if it lands on your bed or table or on the concrete floor. Even if it falls on the floor, its fine. It’s a cheap phone, it’s indestructible.

  • You can use it to show anger

  • There are times when you are angry like hell and you want to smash your phone. But since you are using a costly smartphone, you cant do that. Because you cant afford to buy a new one. But well with a feature phone, you can throw it and smash it. Yeah, whenever you are angry, just smash the little thing away. And you can even beat someone with such phones. I mean its all fine with cheap phones. Once you are calm, just kiss your phone and along with you, the phone is also fine. Cheap phones understand. Yeah, they are sweet like that.  


  • You can play with it  

    Let us face it but after some time, we all get bored with smartphone games. Surely they are addictive but they also can give you a headache. Its always better to play games in the real world, isn’t it? This is somewhere, feature phones can be also handy. There are a lot of games you can play with a feature phone. First of all, you can play catch where you can use the phone as a ball. It’s a lot of fun for me at least.

  • You get more productive

    Smartphones are smart but they make you dumb. On the other hand, dumb phones like very less futuristic phones make you smart. If you ask how? Well, when you have a smartphone, you constantly keep checking social media, messaging, games. There are so much that smartphone does that you don’t get with a feature phone. A feature phone, on the other hand, does absolutely nothing which means there are no distractions. You will be focused on your work. Your boss will be happy, you can go home early and all in all, you can lead more productive life.

  • It will make you appreciate high-end phones

    Yes, feature phones are amazing. They are cheap, they are feature rich. I mean they are in its name and they make you more productive. But, yeah there is always a but. There will come a time when you will realize that you are missing out on so much. I mean people around you will be playing an awesome new game that just came out or the latest dating app while you are there all alone without any games to play. You will be thinking, what the hell you are doing with the feature phone. Then, it starts. The rage, the craving, and love for best high-end phones.

  • You save money for your one true love

    Now, that you have realized that you need a smartphone in real life. You probably have also realized that you need to save money for your one true love. Well, since you bought a feature phone, you already did save a lot of money. I mean a regular flagship would cost you about 10 times more than the feature phone. Hence, you can go and buy a high-end model now and then. Or you can save up for the smartphone of your dream.

  • You can change your phone more often

Well, this one was not on my list. Thanks to my friend with whom I shared my content idea gave me this feature. Yeah, if you are a feature phone lover, you can change your phone every quite and then. And you don’t even need to spend huge bucks of money. As the feature phone hardly costs so much so you can keep changing it whenever you want.