Why are iPhone Processor Faster than Android?

I guess you all might have seen that iPhone processor or the processors that Apple scores a lot better in benchmark while compared to Qualcomm processors or Samsung processors or maybe some other ones.

Well, today I have tried to give you a summarized answer and I won’t give you big opinions like its bigger or it has some better cores. So, let’s get straight to our topic now.

Most of us might not know this but most of the octa-core processors in the market right now are actually dual-core processors that have multiple threads. Hence, they can run like 1 CPU in like 4 parts. And that’s how they kind of like cores.

In some cases, it can be useful if you need some low power cores for battery saving. And some high-performance cores for other tasks. Saying, essentially when you are comparing apple to any other processors. We are actually comparing one dual-core processor with another dual-core processor. No matter how many cores they show on paper.

Apple might have six and Android might have eight, ten or something else. In the previous apple A10 chip, there were four cores. Out of which, two were like low-performance core and other two were high-performance cores. But all them could not work at the same time. But it is very different on QUALCOMM processors. All the cores can work at same time.

As of now, it has been improved like Apple has changed in the A11 chip. This has massively improved the multicore scores and benchmark. So, when we are comparing A11 Bionic chip and Snapdragon 845, oh yeah I am comparing these two because I have full information about these processors and also they are of the same generation.


You can see that apple uses hexa core processors and the Qualcomm uses Octa core one. Still, the single-core score of apple is double than that of Snapdragon. Even the geekbench multi-core score is also quite significantly high. The reason behind this is that Apple has been making 64-bit processors for a long time. The first 64-bit processors on a mobile phone were released by Apple in 2013 which was expected by no one. So, when it comes to processors on android mobile phones, the architecture is designed by the ARM, the processors itself is designed by Qualcomm. So, putting 64-bit on a phone was a two-step process for Apple.

And in case of any other smartphone manufacturers, they had to wait for the ARM to release the architecture and then Qualcomm to build the processors itself and then the Android manufacturers to adopt it. And this took a lot more time.  Since then Qualcomm processors have been playing catch up and they are like two generations behind than Apple.

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This is the reason we have seen lots of failures by Qualcomm as there were a lot of smartphone processors that used to overheat. One of the best examples would be Snapdragon 650 even the high-end processors were overheating a lot. They were trying to put 64-bit and octa-core and almost everything into one single chip and they had not tested it perfectly.

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Because of this closeness integration in Apple, the processors are designed by Apple, the software is also designed and developed by Apple, even the Motherboard is also developed by Apple. It’s kind of like very closely packed and can work together with each other.

But when it comes to Android smartphone market, the processors’ architecture is designed by the ARM and they have to make a profit on that. Next, Snapdragon has to make a profit as they are manufacturers. Similarly, even the smartphone manufacturers have to make a profit. Hence, the profit is divided into different layers. But when it comes to Apple, it’s just one single company.

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Because of this, the company tries to cheap up different pieces of stuff or tries to put a little bit less in the processor itself. So that it can make a little bit more profit. Not everyone knows, but Apple keeps more amount of Silicon than any other manufacturers in their processors in their mobile processors. Silicon is very expensive metal. This is the actual profit margin of Snapdragon and all other companies.

As Apple has more silicon inside their chip, they can put more cache memory in the chip itself. If you don’t know then Cache memory is the fastest memory that is on a computer. It’s kind of like rule on a thumb that more amount of Cache memory that you have inside a processor, the faster it will run.

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