Stop Believing these Computer Myths Which Are Totally Hoax

We all use a computer every day. it’s like a part of our life these days. They have made our lives much easier than ever thought. Computers are used to do almost everything these days. 

But do you know, there are certain myths which you have been thinking as fact since very long. Yes, I am sure you would relate to some of them as every one of us are at least once told so. And, you should stop believing these myths right after reading this post.

Let’s start with our list now:

I. Restart your PC after every Software Installation:

You must have heard or told that you need to restart your system whenever you install a software. In most cases, even the system prompts to restart whenever a new installation is done.

However, it is completely a myth that you need to restart your system after installation. You can open and use the software right after installation. There is no need for any restart. But, yes there are some software and drivers which needs restart to integrate and operate properly. But, these are very less in numbers.

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II.Windows OS Is Insecure:

It’s a myth that Windows Operating System is fully insecure because everyone uses it. There are a number of tools and ways to hack and crack it. But, it is also a complete myth that windows OS can easily be hacked.

If you get a genuine window and keep your system updated. Plus, you don’t install any spyware or malware then it’s equally secure as a MAC.

III. Safely Remove USB Drives:

You must have been taught to safely remove your USB drives whenever you eject them from your PC or laptop. This is also a widely followed myth.

You can eject your USB drives directly without safely removing your hardware. There won’t be any problem with that.

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IV. The need of Antivirus Program:

If you know well, how to use a computer or you are good at using a computer. Then, there is no any need of using an antivirus program in your system. It is a big myth that one should always use an antivirus program in their system to keep it safe from hackers and viruses.

If you have proper knowledge about computer then you don’t need any program like this. You need to make sure that you only download files from authentic websites and do not install any cracked or patched software.

V. Fast Browsing can be Done with the Fast Internet:

It’s not true that you need extremely fast internet to do fast browsing. It’s also a complete hoax. Unless you have very slow internet speed like 256 KBPS, 512 KBPS or 1 Mbps, you can experience a good browsing experience.

You can easily experience good browsing with 5 or 10 MBPS if your internet connection is stable. It’s not totally dependent on your side if you are visiting any website. Plus, the server has nice bandwidth then you will for sure experience good browsing experience.

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VI. Computer Expert Can Fix Every Problem:

If you think that a computer expert can fix every problem associated with a system, then you are completely wrong here. There are different errors and errors code about which many experts have no idea.

And in such crisis, even the experts copies that error codes and scans the google results and understand what that error code is indicating. If someone has experienced a similar problem in past, then he/she will get the solution.

VIII.More RAM = More Speed:

If you also thought that the number of RAM can increase your system performance then you might go wrong here. It’s not always necessary that adding an extra amount of RAM can make your pc faster. It is also a big myth.

RAM is pretty useless unless the application needs to utilize it. Plus, a computer speed depends a lot upon the processor, motherboard as well as operating system optimization.


So how many myths were you believing till today? Let me know in the comments down below. Plus, if you feel that I missed any myths then share with me. I will be surely adding in my next part.

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