Useless Hyped Features of SmartPhones

Smartphones in recent years have evolved more than ever expected. We have smartphones these days with bezel-less displays, water as well as dust resistant, face unlocking feature, dual and triple cameras and a hell lot of other things which we couldn’t even have imagined just a few years back. Though smartphones have become rich in features but not every feature of smartphones are useful. In my analysis, I found some of the feature totally useless. So, today I am about to discuss some of the hyped features of smartphones these days. Yeah, these are few features which got so much hype. But I hardly observe people using any of these on a day to day life basis. So, let’s kick with our list now:

  • Wireless charging:

    Wireless charging feature

The first feature to make it to our list is wireless charging. When I got to know about wireless charging feature in the smartphone, I expected some revolutionary technology that would actually be wireless. Instead, it turned out nothing to be more than the glorified charging port of some sort. Not only this wireless charging is not wireless but it also very slow in most of the cases. And with most of the phones, you will have to line up your device perfectly to make it work. Also, you can’t even use your phone while it is being charged. Instead of being easy to use, wireless charging has been a disappointment.

Wireless charging device

  • Slow-Motion Videos:

    Slow motion camera

Let me be clear about it, there is nothing so interesting or super about slow-motion video recording. When smartphone makers show their ads, they show some really well-shot videos seeing which, we go and buy that phone thinking we will shoot some awesome slow-motion videos. But what we end up getting is an utterly useless feature. They are insanely unreliable to shoot and gets a lot of noise unless you have the best lighting possible which is not easy while shooting a random video I guess. Plus, you can shoot only 0.2 seconds of super slow-motion videos. Do you understand how long or short, the 0.2-second video is? It is completely insane.


  • Selfie Flash:Selfie Flash

Another new innovation when it comes to smartphones is the front facing flash which by the way is not only hyped but its terrible. I don’t know much about front-facing flash of other phones but I had my hands on upon Xiaomi selfie centered Redmi Y1 and it felt like a torch being pointed at my face. I mean why would I use a torch to take a selfie. It just makes no sense and the selfie flash will blind you while taking the click. I am not joking but how many of you really use flash of the rear camera. Personally, I felt it super hyped which doesn’t worth it.

  • The huge amount of RAM:High RAM

Another thing I don’t really understand about smartphone manufacturers is adding a huge amount of RAM in a phone. Do you know or not, but there have been rumors that there are phones coming in the market with 10 GB of RAM which is completely insane. Yeah, it’s for sure that numbers sell but including 8 GB or 10 GB of RAM in a smartphone simply doesn’t make any sense, at least not as of present moment. Including a high amount of RAM gives a great marketing but how about optimizing the software better, or maybe including a great camera or using an insane amount of battery on the phone. I guess these things would make some sense and consumers will love it for sure.

  • Voice Assistants:google assitant, siri, bixby

Voice assistants on the phone are the next thing which I personally feel is hyped without any proper use. Just say me, how many of you really use voice assistant on a day to day life while using your smartphone. And even If you do, it’s mostly for basic things like setting alarm, playing music or just to have some fun. Plus, voice assistants are pretty unreliable as they don’t understand our voice most of the times. And if you are an iPhone user, then I have my sympathy with you.

  • Notch:iphone X notch

The notch is really not a feature but smartphone makers have been hyping it so much that it has become a feature as of now. Just go through the phones that are coming with a notch in few months. Do you think that the phone really needs a notch? They do not bring any face unlock feature like iPhone X, it doesn’t remove the base chin from the phone. And all it does is to make every other phone like the replica of iPhone X. Its just disappointing to see smartphone makers losing their originality to copy someone else.


  • Custom Skins:Xiaomi UI

Don’t think me wrong, I know custom skin brings a lot of additional features that are actually useful. But they do slow down the performance of the phone either. So, whenever the companies like Xiaomi and Samsung talk about any big feature in their Custom Skins. All I can imagine is another way to slow down my phone.  And most of these features can be incorporated into the stock android by using some apps. So it’s not that these features are exclusive to these custom skins. And instead of going by changing completely the look and feel of the phone. They should see how the company like OnePlus works where they take stock android, add a couple of features that everyone actually uses. And that too without adding a ton of bloat wares which slows down the phones.


So, these were a list of few features which I felt overrated and hyped in smartphones. what do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.


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