Apple has just unveiled it’s IOS 12 at its annual WWDC conference. IOS 12 brings different performance improvement and variety of new features along with it. Today let’s check out what are some new features which are added to the ios 12. We have listed out top new features added in ios 12.

Top new features added in Apple ios 12:

1. Better Notifications:

IOS 12 notifications

Every ios user were expecting better notifications in ios for a long time. It seems apple heard the wishes of their customers this time. The ios notification shade now groups notification based on the app. Finally, the notification from a single app now appears in a stack rather than in list style. One can easily expand by simply tapping it.

That’s not all, one gets more control over the notification one can swipe left on notification, and tap on Manage. It will bring up the Turn Off notification options in future from the same app or get notifications Quietly. It will deliver the notification on the notification shade but not on the lock screen. Even SIRI will be offering the suggestion to turn off the notification for the Apps which you don’t really use much. The notification panel has gone pretty nice in ios 12.

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2. Animoji & Memoji:

IOS 12 animojos

Love it or Hate it. Everyone will agree to it when I will say that Animojis are quite fun. So with ios 12, Apple is bringing four new animoji. Four new animoji are named as ghost, quala, tiger and a tirex. Along with the new roster, animoji now has a tongue detector. I am not sure but if you like clicking selfies with tongue out, then animoji will surely detect that.

The coolest new animoji feature is memoji which is basically your own personalized animoji. It’s very similar to bitimoji and samsung terrible ARimoji. But honestly, memoji feels way better than those. There are various options out there. One can change almost everything about the meimoji. The hair, the eyes, the face and anything can be changed easily with a tap.

IOS 12 memoji

It’s really cool customizing your own memoji. It makes clear that Apple has put a lot of work into it. It might not be very useful but it’s definitely well done. Also, the face id on ios 12 is noticeably faster. Even you can add two faces to face id. It works perfectly well. So if you always wanted two authorized faces on your iPhone 10, you can do it with ios 12 updates.

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3. Screen Time:

IOS 12 sot

Like, Google, even Apple wants you to cut down your smartphone usage. The ios 12 brings a number of features that will help you do that. First, there is screen time feature which like Android dashboard brings detailed reports your activity on your iPhone. Screen time tells you your most used Apps and the number of times you have picked up your phone.

It even says you what apps are sending you the most number of notifications. All of this gives you a better idea of how you are using your iPhone. Ios 12 also lets you combat your smartphone addiction with the App Limits feature.

Basically, you can set limits on the app that distracts you or take up a lot of your time. And when the limit is reached, you will see the below-given screen and the app icons will be greyed out.

IOS 12 app limits

Lastly, there is Do Not Disturb during bedtime. It will turn out your notification shades from the stack to the one given below.

IOS 12 dnd

Yes, it won’t give you any notifications during sleeping hours so that you can get proper sleep. Though you can allow certain apps to be available in all situations. So you have total control. I know some of these features are very similar to Android P digital well-being feature. But I am not complaining as these features are really great.

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4. SIRI improvements:

IOS 12 siri improvements

With ios 12, SIRI is getting some nice improvements. First of all, apps will have better SIRI integration. Apple is calling it’s SIRI shortcuts. But it’s basically that Apps can now share certain shortcuts to SIRI.

For instance, the Photos app shares the shortcuts like view photos. Basically, one can set up any custom command to perform that particular app shortcut. So you can set up the command like ‘show me the big picture’ to view all my photos and SIRI will show your every picture in a single frame.

Apple is also bringing a shortcut app. It will let you create that will let multiple things done with multiple apps. That’s not the end, SIRI will now be giving the suggestion of things you do often on the lock screen and the spotlight service.

5. App Updates:

IOS 12 app updates

Ios 12 also brings long and ton of app updates. The photos app comes with an updates to bring a lot of suggestions. There are like search suggestions, sharing suggestions and people suggestions. It uses on-device Machine learning and gives you suggestions based on your picture.

Facetime 2 has been also updated with ios 12. And now you can make group calls in ios 12 with up to 32 peoples at the same time. It is really amazing. Plus, the group call UI is really cool.

IOS 12 facetime group calls

Apart from that, Apple news app comes with a new Browse tab. The stock has been redesigned and now features Apple news integration. Also, ibook is now Apple Books. And the great part is that car play now supports third-party apps. Hence, you can finally use Google maps for car play.

Also, the camera app, messages, and the facetime now have various cool effects. You can add shape, stickers, texts, and filters to your pic. But the coolest of them is the ability to use animoji as your face.

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6. ARKit 2.0:

IOS 12 arkit 2.0

Apple pushed AR with ios 11 and they are doing it again with ios 12. This time Apple announced a new AR file format USDZ. Apple created this format with Pixar and is meant for quick sharing of AR files between devices without any noticeable loss in quality.

With ARKit 2.0, Apple is bringing improved face tracking, realistic rendering and most importantly Shared experiences. Apple also announced a new measure app. It is better than any other measuring AR apps. Maybe it’s because of ios 12. Either way, it’s great.

7. Performance Improvements:

IOS 12 performance

Ios 12 brings a lot of performance improvements to the Apple devices. It will definitely help the older devices like the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. If we believe Apple, ios 12 makes launching the camera 70% faster, the keyboard pops up 50% faster and app launches are 2x faster. Hopefully, it’s all true which would really be amazing.

IOS 12 faster

The speed difference on iPhone 10 is noticeable as per different users. But is it the same for the older phones. Well, let’s hope it goes same for the Apple older devices.  

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