There are millions of Android apps available to download from Google Play Store. We are just limited to very few ones. So, We have decided to come up with top 10 android apps for every month from now onwards. We have here top 10 best Android Apps to try in June 2018.

Top 10 Android Apps to try in June 2018:

Now it’s time to show you the top apps for the month. The apps featured in this post are on the basis of their usage, functionality and how unique some of these apps are. Also, the apps are in random order. Hence, any spot for the app is same from top to bottom. Now, let’s start with our list.

1. Volume Slider:

Android Apps to try in June 2018

Volume slider offers the volume control widget which was recently introduced in the Android P beta preview. It’s like a new volume control widget to adjust volume like android P on your device. The app is really easy to use and set up is not that difficult.

You can also customize the volume control widget according to your own requirement. Overall it’s a nice app to give your smartphone volume control a nice look. The app is not free and it’s available on play store for 0.30$. Hence it comes under Android Apps to try in June 2018.

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2. Android P rotation:

Android Apps to try in June 2018

The next app I have on my list is Android P rotation. So you got the volume control like android P, then why not to take it to the next level. This app gives you the auto rotation feature which we have seen in the android P beta preview.

Basically, this app is useful when you have the automatic rotation turned off. Especially when sometimes you want to see something in landscape mode. Hence, instead of enabling rotation mode manually, you can temporarily enable the rotation by simply clicking on the app icon. This rotation icon will appear everytime you rotate your phone and vice versa.

Android Apps to try in June 2018

It’s a pretty nice feature which I am excited to try in Android P. you can also customize this feature which includes location and look and feel of the icon. Overall it’s a wonderful feature to have it on your phone so do check it out. These are the reason it comes in Android Apps to try in June 2018.

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3. One Clock:

The next app One Clock is an alarm clock which helps you to set multiple alarms with one click. Yes, you read it right, multiple alarms. I personally set up four to five alarms sometimes an interval of 5 mins in order to wake up on time.

Now with this app, I can set up the time I want to wake up. And this app will automatically set up multiple alarms nearby that time within one go. You can also set the number of alarms you wish to see and the time difference between each alarm.

You don’t have to delete the alarms one by one, it can be done clicking a single button. There is also time and stopwatch in this app. Additionally, the app comes with theme support as per user requirement. Overall the concept of this app is pretty different and saves users time by setting multiple alarms itself. The app comes with a pro version which removes the advertisement which is in the free version. Hence, it is able to make into Android Apps to try in June 2018.

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4. Rove:

Android Apps to try in June 2018

The next app Rove is a traveler social app. It enables like-minded travelers to connect and share their experiences. You must be thinking that it’s one more social media app. But this app is nothing like facebook, twitter or Instagram.

Rove connects you to people of the similar mentality and mutual interests in traveling. When you create your profile, you choose your interests and on the basis of that, it creates your timeline. Next, you can post stories and get an instant recommendation. You can also chat and like posts of other users.

On the top of the app, there are sections which are according to your interests. You can post, ask questions and even start a live group discussion. In the live group discussion, you choose a topic and it will invite the peoples who have interests in the similar topic like you.

You can also discover traveler near you and get in touch to share each other experiences. There is also a Rove plus subscription which adds more feature to the app and let you promote your blog or website as well. The cost of three-month subscription is around 5 USD. This is the reason this app is in Android Apps to try in June 2018.

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5. GFX Tool:

Android Apps to try in June 2018

This particular GFX Tool app is for PUBG fans. We all know that PUBG is a high graphics game which runs on most of the new phones. If you have a high-end phone, it runs without any problem on high settings.

But if your phone is low on specifications, it doesn’t allow you to change graphics settings. Even sometimes, the games lag a lot. By using this app, you can choose the graphics setting. It also allows you to set the resolution of the game. The best part of this app is set up the FPS.

Even in low specs phone, now you can play this game in 60 frames per second. So if you play PUBG and tired of playing the games with lags and frame drops then it’s a must-have app. It will make your gaming experience very smooth. Hence, it makes it into Android Apps to try in June 2018.

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6. Branch:

Android Apps to try in June 2018

The branch app allows you create your own interactive comic story. You can create your own comics without drawing and use famous hello pets characters and it’s items. You can also see featured and new comics posted by the other users.

There are lots of interactive effects such as fade in, fade out and moving text and images. These effects will bring your characters to life. Overall if you are getting bored then you can create your own interactive story and share it with your friends. You can even pass your time by watching stories of other users. hence, it makes it list of Android Apps to try in June 2018.

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7. Siempo:

Android Apps to try in June 2018

Siempo is a simple launcher which transforms your smartphone and helps you to have a healthier digital experience. It can start up with setting up your intentions which could be anything.

Every time you unlock the phone, you can see the task you have set up earlier. The home screen of this launcher is less distracting. You have a minimal looking interface where you get useful apps only.

There is also a page where you can pin your favorite and most used apps. The app also batch notifications and you can choose to receive notifications in every 15 minutes or only at a specific time. Do check it out this unique launcher. And this is the reason it makes it to Android Apps to try in June 2018.

8. Navigation Gesture:

Android Apps to try in June 2018

Gestures are getting common these days. every new phone is coming with gesture options these days. If you have a phone which does not support gestures then you can try this app created by XDA.

With this app, you can have gesture which we have seen in Android P. basically the app will place a pill at the bottom of your screen. You have the different gesture for tap and swipe in this particular app. It’s a really wonderful app which allows you to interact with your phone with really cool gestures. This cool gesture makes into Android Apps to try in June 2018.

9. Voicera:

Android Apps to try in June 2018

This Voicera app is for professionals who attend a lot of meetings at their workplace or with their clients. With this app, you can capture your minutes of meetings and it would convert your voice into notes. There is also a highlight button which you can toggle manually to highlight an important fact.

The app also automatically highlights when it hears some specific keywords such as take a note, a decision is and so on. Once you save the recording, then the app sends you the transcript to the registered email address. The only problem is you will need a work email to sign up for this app.

10.Google Neighbourly:

Android Apps to try in June 2018

The last app of the list is Google Neighbourly. Google has launched this app in India in Mumbai only as of now. The app allows you to ask questions to your neighbors and also help out the other neighborly members. It’s a wonderful idea by Google which will help people who are either new to the city or need an opinion from fellow neighbors.

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These were the top android apps for this month. We will be coming with different categories of Android applications further. Keep tuned to our blog and subscribe to the notifications. Also comment down below, what do you think about this article.