Top 6 features of Google Android P You Will Love

Google released the developer version of Android P sometimes back but what do you think once they run out of alphabet? Any idea? Quite thoughtful right. Let’s get back to Android P now. There are not any major updates in android P over the Oreo but there are some small yet useful features that I have noticed like better notifications, return of the charging sound and some really awkward looking setting icons. While there is so much to talk about. But let’s begin with top 6 features of android P which I think you should know, starting up with

Google Android P Features:

  • Notch: 

I am a guy who prefers top bezel over the notch but believe it or not but many devices in the future is going to come up with notch of some sort which is why Google has added a native support for notch in android P. What it means is, say you have an essential phone or ASUS Zenfone 5 then it makes sense for the developer to have a custom design UI for your device. And this feature in Android P will help in that. Let’s hope, it doesn’t mean that Google releases Pixel 3 with a notch.

  • Ringer Volume:  

And this is something, I was personally waiting for a long time. The previous version of Android changes the ringer volume by default unless you are playing music or videos. On android P however, when you press volume buttons, you will see the volume box which controls the media sound by default and not the ringer as in previous versions of Android. But you can control other volumes such as Alarm by selecting the option. And this makes sense as most peoples spend time watching videos on YouTube or listening to music overtaking phone calls.


  • Screenshot Editor:    

This is something which will come in handy if you take a lot of screenshots. So, taking screenshots in android P is rather intuitive. To start, just take the screenshot as you normally do. By holding the volume down and power button. In fact, in android P, you don’t even have to do that, as you can take the screenshot by holding the power button and tapping on the screenshot option. Once you have taken the screenshot, you will see a new button on the heads of standard notification that says edit. Tap on it and you will automatically be taken to a menu where you can edit the screenshot. As of now, you can add filters and pretty much crop the screenshot but I would love to see a native option to add arrows and blur information in future.

  • Auto Rotate mode:  

This feature is great refinement for your video watching experience. Like most of us, I like to keep my phone in portrait mode but there are few instances when I prefer landscape mode. Like when I am viewing a picture or a video. Until now, I had to toggle the auto-rotate feature on my screen to watch a video on chrome browser. But in android P, a small notification will automatically show up in the navigation bar offering you to change your rotation to landscape and guess what, and this also works another way around when you flip the screen to portrait mode. How cool is that?


  • Adaptive brightness:     

Adaptive brightness has been the part of the android system for a long time. Basically, it measures the amount of light of the environment and changes the brightness of the screen accordingly. In android P, the changes in brightness is extremely settled. You won’t even notice it unless you cover ambient light sensor with your fingers just to see the sliders moving.


  • Permissions:     

And finally, my favorite feature on android P. Permissions! You might have heard about theories where Facebook has been listening to your conversations while you have not even using it. And based on that, it displays ad. Like some people have seen engagement advertisement just after few days of proposing their girlfriend. In fact, Uber used to track the location of user after the ride was over. Thankfully with android P, the ideal application can no longer track your microphone, camera or any other device sensor. Application running in the background as soon as they try to access the sensor. While there is no reason to tell if the company is really listening to your conversation but with this feature, one will definitely get a peace of mind.


While there are many features like the notch, screenshot editor and the magnifying tool that are inspired from IOS, anything that improves the functionality are always welcome. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. Just look at snapchat and Instagram.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts about android P and what it should be called?


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