We all have computers at home and workplace. And it happens with everyone. We buy a brand new computer, boot it for the first time & we are amazed how fast it is. But then after a couple of years or months and before you know it. The computer struggles to run even some basic software. What happened to the computer, why it became so slow? Well, there are a lot of reasons your computer slow down over time. But I have come up with the list of top 11 Windows Trick you can do to make your computer (Specifically Windows) faster.

Windows trick

It will hopefully get your computer running like when you first bought it. And don’t worry, these are the free and simple tricks, you can do right now. Some of them might feel a bit technical, but it’s really not that complicated once you see what you actually need to do. So let’s get started:

Windows Trick for Better Performance

Clear Background Processes & Programs:

This is the number one reason for slowdowns of PC overtime & many of you already know this. Just think about it, as the time goes on. You install new software and programs. Many of these programs make them themselves startup with windows. If you don’t close them after you boot up your pc, you will have every program running in the background slowing down your system. They keep taking your pc resources all the time.

Windows trick startup programs

But don’t think just because you don’t see any programs in the taskbar when there are not many running in the background. In Windows 8 & Windows 10, you can open up the task manager by pressing “ CTRL+SHIFT+DEL”. Next, go the startup tab in the task manager to see all the programs that are going to startup when your computer boots up.

After opening up the startup programs list, you can disable each of them which you don’t need to run automatically. You can manually start them whenever you want. You just don’t need them to startup with windows.

Clear out Startup Services:

Most of the people after disabling the startup programs thinks that they have fixed the issues. But here is where most of the people screw up because the startup tab is not the end of story. Many programs install as Services which are still programs that run in the background. You never necessarily see them, as most of us think services are the necessary processes of windows. But it’s not always true on the ground. This windows trick will help you fix the issue.

Windows Trick Services

Go to the Start-Up Services after opening taskbar by pressing “ CTRL+SHIFT+DEL”. Services tab is located just beside the startup program tab. Disable all those processes which you are not using & you can notice the difference. You can also open the Services tab by typing “services.msc” in run window. Change the startup type to “Manual” to those services you don’t need running in the background.

Uninstall Unused Programs:

I know all of you might have done this, but still, I have mentioned these windows trick it on our list. Uninstall any unused software/programs which are there in your system. This will free up your Hard Drive space and remove up startup junk without having to go through a list of startup program or services.

Windows Trick Uninstall programs

Just go through the list of programs in the control panel. Uninstall each of them which you don’t use and it’s done. It’s quite easier than checking the list in Startup or Services programs list.

Scanning for Malware/Viruses:

This one Windows Trick is what every one of us might have been doing already. If your computer is always running slow for no apparent reason. It’s possible that there are hidden malicious software running in the background. It may be using up your resources doing anything from showing you ads or sharing your computer files without your knowledge.

Windows Trick Scan for virus

Now, there are free and paid of anti-virus. There is even free version of paid antivirus. The free one includes Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, Malwarebytes. You can use them, they are trustworthy. Even if your computer is not necessarily running slow, you should always have some sort of antivirus installed on your computer for defending against malware.

Just make sure, you don’t install any cracked anti-virus. By doing so, you are already opening doors for them to enter your PC. If you don’t want to go with any third party antivirus, Windows defender works pretty well too. Just keep your system scanning on regular basis.

Disabling Windows Animation:

This Windows trick is surely going to give you better performance. This one is really quick and easy which is disabling windows animation. One of the ways you could do this is by going to start & search for “Ease of Access”. It will take you to the Ease of Access settings windows in the control panel.

Windows Trick ANimation settings

After reaching there, Check all the boxes to turn off all the unnecessary animations when possible. It will disable all the unwanted animations making your computer faster than before.

Keep your Softwares Up to Date:

Windows Trick Keep system up to date

Always keep your software up to date. This includes Windows itself, graphics driver and anything else you use regularly. These software companies release frequent updates that optimize the performance as well as improves security most of the time. Plus, it’s a good practice. This is an important windows trick to have optimized performance.

Check Your Power Settings:

This one might seem dumb, but check your power settings on your laptop. The default would be Balanced or Power Saving which is good for the battery. But it slows down your system considerably. do this Windows trick and see the performance. 

Windows Trick Power Settings

You can change it to High Performance if you want your laptop to work faster. If power is not an issue, I would say to change it to High Performance as the system won’t limit itself.

Check Hard Drive Health/Status:

Now we are getting slightly technical but don’t worry, it’s easy and you can do it. The next thing you should do is, Check your Hard Drive for errors. You can do it in a couple of ways.

Windows trick Check drive health

The first way through the command prompt. Go to the CMD, type “WMIC” and hit enter. Next Type “diskdrive get status” and hit enter. If they all say OK, one for each drive. It means that there are no immediate serious errors that it can find at least. If any of these says something other than OK, then one of your drives could be having issues and you should really replace it.

Windows trick CHKDSK

The other way to check your drive health is by going to command prompt and run check disk command. Open your command prompt window and type in “CHKDSK’ and hit enter. Just make sure you don’t get any errors. If you get plenty of them, you should consider replacing your hard drive.

Check Windows File Integrity:

The next thing you need to do is, Check the Windows file integrity. You need to go to Windows Command Prompt with Administrator access.  Type in “sfc/scannow” and hit enter. It will scan all the system file checker and it will try to find any system file that is missing or corrupted. It will also try to repair them.

Windows trick Check Hard drive erros

Now, there are possibilities that it will give you tons of error messages. If you get one, just google it. I won’t be able to help with every error messages as there are different errors and different fixes for them.

Check for Memory Issues:

We are doing a lot of checking but it’s good. If you have a bad memory. It can cause all sorts of weird problems that you would never probably guess has to do anything with the RAM but probably does.

Windows trick Memory Diagnostic

Now to check the memory, you can go to start menu and search for “Windows Memory Diagnostic”. Now be careful as you do this, you don’t need to restart your pc necessarily. After you restart, it’s gonna boot into the diagnostic tool and should automatically start doing the memory check and tell you if anything comes up. If you get a lot of issues, there are various possibilities of issues, but replacing would be a good option. As the entire performance relies upon the RAM.

Replace HDD by SSD:

Just get an SSD for your system. Just get a small storage to store your windows and see the performance. SSD is incredibly fast while comparing to the regular HDD. Once you install an SSD into your system, I know you are not going back to use HDD.

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