There are countless websites on the internet as of today. But which ones are the best? Well, I can’ really answer that. Instead, I can tell you about few of them which I know about. In this article, I have talked about top 11 cool website that ranges from being extremely useful to the just pure fun.

You probably have heard about few of them. But I doubt about all of them. So, you should get something out of this. The links of the websites would be attached with it. Now, let’s get started with our list:

Top Cool Website You Should Know About:


This cool website comes completely under the useful category. You may have heard about this website before. It is actually owned by Google as of now. What this website does is, it lets you upload any file. And it will be scanning the file with pretty much every virus scanner software out there.  There are more than sixty of them.

Top cool websites virustotal

It doesn’t mean that this website will replace antivirus on your computer. It can only scan individual file. But this website is great if you come across something suspicious. Most of them may be downloaded files, shared over internet media. You can use virustotal to check any files you have on your pc with all the other antivirus out there in the market.

It’s really an amazing tool. If you want to be sure about any file. All you need is to scan on this website. If most of the antivirus says it fine, then the file is fine. Else, you need to check for the errors and virus. It even has a feature to search websites as well. It is helpful when someone sends you link you are not sure about. You can check the link on this website.


Windows Tricks to make Computer Fast:


This cool website is purely for fun. This runs a theoretical version of Windows from 1993. It’s not exactly historically accurate. In fact, it’s mostly just humorous. But it’s actually quite complex in usability.

Top Cool Websites windows93

It has an internet theme, drawing program like paint as well as half-life3 which never loads actually. You can also run a virtual machine inside Windows93 which will run Windows 93. There are obviously tons of stuff you can do to waste your time on this website. You can just go and check it out.


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Have I been Pwned:

This one cool website is quite important to the list. I have used it personally. It gives a report about new websites getting hacked or passwords being leaked. But how are you supposed to know your data has been leaked?

Top cool websites haveibeenpwned

All you need to do is type in your email address or website domain. And this website will tell your email address, your password or any other info was included in any breaches in any of the databases they have. In this way, you know not only to change your password but also never use that same password again.

Another important feature of this website is you can sign up with this website and provide your email. It will mail you whenever your email has been found in any breaches going forward.



This cool website is very useful for signing up for those websites where we don’t want to provide our details. Sometimes some website doesn’t give access unless we provide them an email address or sign up.

top cool websites 10minutemail

This website generates a temporary email address which expires in ten minutes. It’s very useful in case of the website which makes it compulsory to sign up while visiting them. You can just sign up with the email address provided by this website, get whatever you need and never open it again.

Another usage of this website email address is that if you not sure whether the site is junk or not. You can sign up with this 10minutemail email and if you find the site legit. You can sign up with your real email address. It will save you from getting spammed over email if the site is useless.


Down For Everyone Or Just Me:

This one cool website is great and really simple. All this website does is tell you, if any website is currently up or down. I am sure it happens to you many times. You go to a website and it takes forever to load or won’t load at all. You just keep wondering whether the problem is on your end or not.

top cool websites downorup

This website comes in handy at such time. It will tell you whether the website is down or its just not opening on your computer. It will also let you know whether any website owner has banned your IP or not.



This one cool website is pretty well known and this website is for anytime you call customer care and get automated replies. With this website, you just type in the company name and it will tell you exactly what steps to take to get connected to a human customer care executive.

Top Cool website gethuman

For example, if we try Sony, it gives you the phone number to call and tells you what number to press that will get you to someone. In the case of Sony, it’s 5 then 0 and then 0 again.



This one is an interesting little cool website. This website is helpful in finding the book you want to read. On the left of this website page, there is a bunch of criteria slider which can be used to describe what you like.

Top Cool Websites openingthebook

Maybe you want one that is really happy but also really disturbing which would be a really weird combination. It will show recommendation based on our inputs given to the website. There is a limit of four slider criteria at once. Otherwise, it would be too specific or inaccurate.


This is an awesome stock photos cool website except for every single photo on this website are royalty free. Specifically, all the pictures on the websites are released under creative common zero license. Meaning they are released under public domain.

top cool websites pixabay

There are a surprising number of stock photos here. Right now there are over millions of photos which can be downloaded and reused. You can also search using specific filter types for the photos on this website.



top cool websites justwatch

This cool website is really helpful in finding movies or tv shows. You just need to type in the movie or show you want to watch. And it will tell you what streaming service has your movie or show. It supports almost every streaming services out there. At least the most popular ones.



This one is a really cool website to find out about the brand new products that have just been released or announced. This might be physical products, apps or services on websites.

Top cool websites producthunt

New products are posted every day and a lot of them are from random startups you probably never heard of. But you will also see peoples posting products released by major companies like Apple or Google usually before they are widely advertised.

You can also filter through different categories to find out different popular recent stuff as well. So I think this is a neat website worth checking out every few days to see the best stuff that you may have missed.


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The full form of this cool website is If This Than That. This website basically connects APIs of a ton of different websites and services altogether to interact however you want.

top cool websites ifttt

For example, you can make it, as anytime you get a twitter follower your smart light bulb blinks. Or anytime you post a photo on Instagram, it automatically posts to Facebook. The possibilities are endless. You can even do different weird or pointless things with this website.

But this website is not always super reliable so you should not use it for anything important. Sometimes the triggers might be delayed for several minutes for no apparent reason or might not trigger at all sometimes. So just be aware of that. Even it is kind of slow still, it’s pretty useful in doing various tasks.


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