Opera Touch – A new Mobile Browser for Single Hand User

Opera Touch – A new and One-Handed Browser

If you ever have used internet on a feature phone. I am damn sure, you must have used it on Opera browser. Opera is one of the most famous third-party browsers in a smartphone as well as feature phones. Back in the old days, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile were the flagship mobile browser. While Opera Mini was the compressed and miniaturized version of Web Browser for low-end phones and slow internet connection, Opera Mobile was the advanced version of its predecessor being based on Chromium web browser. And now, The company came up with Opera Touch – Latest browser from the company.

Though Chrome has been the most used and popular web browser on Android. But it doesn’t mean that other browsers aren’t popular. though. In fact, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser have a great user base. Even these third-party web browsers come with a lot of features such as tracking protection, add-ons, and many more.


As of now, Opera has come up with a new web browser, known as Opera Touch. The best feature of the Opera Touch web browser is that it comes “Instantly Ready” to find things on the web so that users can directly start typing to search anything over the internet. Additionally, there is a QR code support to reach to the website directly. Plus, the browser can also be used to scan the barcode of a product to search it on the internet.

The feature which differentiates this browser from others is that it is one-handed browser while using. Opera has stated that the browser lets the user surf the web using his/her single hand with fast action button always visible on the browser screen. The Fast Action Button provides a user option for instant Search and also able to swipe to switch the tabs, reload the tab or exit from the tab.

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Opera Touch also comes with a feature to let the app user use the app together with Desktop too. The user just needs to Start the desktop browser and Scan the QR code displayed in the browser. One doesn’t need to login like chrome and firefox. Users can send links, videos, and notes to themselves simply by a single click and would be in both devices.

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Finally, the browser comes with an opt-in ad blocker which by default is disabledOpera Touch. When users turn it on, it will block “intrusive ads,” thus making web pages load faster.

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