The release of OnePlus 6 smartphone date seems to be very near as there have been numerous leaks about the phone. Plus, even the official Teaser of OnePlus 6 has been released on its Twitter handle. By now, we have got quite a good idea about what should be expected from the phone.

OnePlus 6 leaked image

The CEO of OnePlus Pete Leu himself stated that OnePlus 6 will have a glass design, stating that the company first smartphone to feature a glass design.

While talking with the media, Leu stated thatĀ “The design of OnePlus 6 is cornered around initiating a “Premium feel in hand” and creating a “Sense of Value”. He also said that the major advantage of glass design over the previous metal builds is that “Glass are more bright, transparent plus they give a premium feeling when being held”.

A glass first, but not the first

It’s not the very first time that OnePlus has come with glass design. If you remember the OnePlus X which was released by the company in 2015 also came with glass design. Leu stated that “Oneplus 6’s glass back houses five layers of Nanotech finishing which is for the first time in Smartphone industry”.

He also said that the addition of layers of glass on the back gave the smartphone a unique visual finish. Although we have to wait till the smartphone is finally launched.

Like us, everyone is waiting eagerly for the launch date of OnePlus 6 and it should not be too far as the number of leaks and teasers which has been trending over the internet these days.

OnePlus 6

Hot Rumours of OnePlus 6:

  • The rumors and leaks suggest that OnePlus 6 launch event will take place in May or June.

  • Also, the leaks say that OnePlus 6 would hit the market by June or July

If we see in past, the previous flagships of the company OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 5 were also released in June in the previous years. So, there are strong speculations that the phone would be unveiled in the market in the month of June. But, seeing the number of rumors and leaks, it feels like the company may launch the phone by the end of April or May which would come as a big surprise.

The reports also say that the stock of OnePlus 5T in USA and Europe inventories has run out and it has not been updated with a new one which gives a strong indication for the launch of OnePlus 6.

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Hottest Leaks about OnePlus 6:

  • The hottest leaks say that OnePlus 6 could be priced up to $749 (NRS 77147)

Yes, it seems that One Plus 6 would be the highest priced phone by the manufacturer till now. No one as of now is able to say what would One Plus 6 be priced at. But if you look at company past, it has been gradually increasing the price with the launch of every new device.

A decent increase in the price won’t be a surprise. As OnePlus always comes with the best hardware at a very decent price. But a quick jump in the price may make it hard for the customers to get theirĀ hands on the smartphone.

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OnePlus 6 Specifications:

The leaked specifications of OnePlus 6 states that the smartphone houses the following features and specifications:

  • 18:9 ratio screen with a Notch.
  • Presence of Headphone jack and water resistance.
  • Huge screen of 6.28 inches.
  • It completely sure that Phone will have a Notch.

So what do you think? When would be the phone launched? What are your expectations and at what price the phone should be launched? Comment down below, we love to know our reader’s thoughts.

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