How to use internet like a PRO.

Some of the basic ideas to use the internet differently

We all use the internet every day. Don’t we? Even though you may think that we are using the internet the best way, we are probably not. There is a number of things we can easily do using the internet and that’s exactly what I will be sharing with you guys today. So keep reading the article till last and you will know how to use the internet like a pro. Let’s get started now.

  • Sending any type of files via the internet is not a new thing anymore. However, did you know that you could send self-destructing files via your browser as well? By making use of Firefox Send, you can send files to anyone in this world and it will be destroyed once the file gets read or in 24 hours whichever comes first. You can just visit and upload the files here. Once the uploading is done, you will get a link and all you need to do is send that link to the person you want to share the file with. Once the person visits the link and get the file, the link expires and the file automatically gets deleted from the server. So if someone even tries to see the file, there is nothing to see.
  • Data breaches happen almost every other day. And while every breach these days lets millions of peoples credentials leak. We usually choose to ignore it thinking our email being leak is very low. Well, that’s true but we can never be so sure about your online identity. Visit the site And enter your email. The website will quickly tell whether or not your email has been leaked.  
  • If you are like me, I guess you love watching TV and web series over the internet. However, finding a legal website to watch the tv show or web series over the internet is quite difficult with so many options. Well, you can simply go the website or to watch the tv show. Once you reach the site, all you need to search and watch the content. 
  • Pdf may be the handiest documents to share with peoples. But it comes as a pain when you need to do any modifications. You cant split them, add pages to them or basically you cant even edit the content of the document without the help of large and expensive software. Well, no more of such pain. is a website that offers multiple services related to pdf manipulation. You can add watermarks, delete pages, convert pdf to different formats and do a lot more.  
  • There are times when you receive files in your email that are fishy or you want to visit some website you want to go but worried about the viruses you can get from there. In such cases, you can go to a website like to help you decide whether the file or URL is safe to access or not. Simply visit the website and upload the file or enter the URL. They will scan and tell you whether you should proceed or not.   
  • So, you planning to move into a new city. Won’t it be great if you get to know the average cost of living per month in the new city? Well, there is a website for that. Simply, head over to and search for the city you want to shift. Voila, they will show you the cost per month on average to stay there.  
  • While computers these days support multiple languages input. But since the keyboard is in English. Its difficult to type in English. Download the Input tools chrome extension in your browser and select the language preference in the tool set. Then, head over to any website and start typing in English. The extension will automatically suggest your native language. 

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