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Least Popular but Useful Google Apps

Everyone uses google product almost every day, I mean who doesn’t? I mean your Android device, search engine, Gmail or even YouTube. But do you know, Google is one of the most active app developers? Yeah, never mind. Google always does a bad job promoting themselves. But, that’s the way everyone promotes their product. Today, let’s learn about few of the google little known yet useful apps that every one of you are missing out on. I will also add the download links to all the Google Apps with the video, make sure to check the apps on your own device and comment me on your thoughts. Let’s start with our list now.

  • Just a Line  

  • Just a line is an AR app which will help you draw lines in the air using your phone camera. Simply touch the screen and hit the camera, and that’s it. Now, you can draw white lines in the air or you can simply write something in the air. Once done, you can go ahead and share with your friends. If you get overexcited them I am sorry to shatter your dreams but this app only works on the devices which supports AR support technology. This is the reason why this app is only limited to some flagship devices like Google pixel, one plus 5T, and Galaxy S9.
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  • Voice Access  

  • Voice access is another app by Google that was released a year ago but its still has not done so much better. The app lets you control your entire phone by using your voice. Once installed, the application displays a number next to each element on the screen. You can just tell the app to tap on that number and the app will be opened. Overall, it may not be useful for everyone out there. But, it’s definitely very useful for people who are visually impaired or senior citizen, which can make this app a game changer.
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  • Files Go

  • Google does a decent job promoting FIlesgo through their ads. But over last few months, it has got some really cool updates which it is why make it to our list. To start with, Filesgo is a file manager which lets you quickly find your stuff. But its true power lies in deleting the application that you don’t use most. After installing this application for few days, you will get a smart notification to delete all the unused applications and data. And also, when you select the files, there is a new shortcut to back up the selected file to google drive just in case you might need it again. Along with that, there is a bonus that you can use Filesgo to send files to a nearby device just like ShareIt.
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  • Toontastic

  • If you are looking for a free cartoon maker app, meet toontastic. A highly intuitive animation app from Google. Simply starts by choosing one of the character or draw one of your own. I tried with the default one. Next, create a story board, move them around, add songs, record it and generate a 3D video. And that’s not all, you can even export the movie in high definition for free, there is no watermark which kind of is crazy as most of the cartoon maker apps are paid.
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  •  YouTube for Kids 

  • YouTube is no place for kids. You never know what they are going to come across while scrolling the related videos and that’s where YouTube for kids comes into play. The application is designed by YouTube especially for kids. Its kind of popular in the US but not in Asian countries. Besides the kids’ centric videos, you can also set up the pin code, block specific content that you don’t want your kid to come across and turn off the search as well. But my favorite feature which I use with my 5-year nephew is the timer feature. You can set up a timer after which the application will automatically lock itself. So, if you have kids around your family and if they watch a lot of videos. Then, this app is the savior for you.

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    Well, that ends our list. Don’t forget to share our content with your friends and acquaintances and comment down below your feedback. It helps us bring better content.

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