Apple started the dual camera trend and other manufacturers followed. Apple ditched the headphone jack and other companies also did the same. Now Apple started the dual camera trend. And nowadays we can see dual camera setup in almost every smartphone. Now Apple has brought a notch with its latest release iPhone X. And if you thought that Asus Zenfone 5 which was launched in Mobile World Congress is the only phone with iPhone X like notch then dude, you went wrong over there.

Dear Android makers, Please stop Copying iPhone X:

The rumored phone OnePlus 6, Huawei P20, LG G7, Vivo V9, Ulefone T2 Pro, Oppo R15, Leago S9, Dodgee V are some of the smartphones. They are going to release in upcoming months and all of these phones are having a notch in their upper display. These are just a few names which I came through over my research, but I am pretty sure that there will be much more phone which is going to be released with the notch. So yeah, like it or not, the notch is an upcoming trend for this year in smartphones. But is it really a trend worth having?

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Nokia X 2018, a new smartphone by Nokia.

The iPhone X which was overpriced and as per my opinion, the notch was really a bad idea. But the iPhone x brought a radical new design for Apple. Even that it had the notch, it removed the bezel from every corner of the phone and it looked futuristic in some ways. Plus, it contained the sensors that were used to make face identification which was much more advanced, secure and consistent than anything on a smartphone so far. But why do Android manufacturers add the notch on their phones. Is it being added to put over the edge secured, facial recognition kind of feature or to remove the bezel and make the design look futuristic. Well, let us break down my thoughts with you.

One of the only reason, I can accept Apple putting a notch in iPhone X. It brought along a very secure and very advanced facial recognition feature. There is a dot projector, flood illuminator, infrared camera, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor just to identify your face, map it and track your facial expressions.

Dear Android makers, Please stop Copying iPhone X.


It opens up so many possibilities for developers that notch itself could be an individual section on how to develop IOS apps.

But look at Android phones now which are coming up with notch this year. The Zenfone 5 has a notch and all its features is a front camera, proximity sensors along with a couple of other sensors. Surely nothing that can justify a notch, and a rather weird looking one notch. But ASUS is not the only one with the notch. Below are some mentioned top manufacturers which are coming with notch this year.

OnePlus 6

Dear Android makers, Please stop Copying iPhone X.

The OnePlus 6 is also rumored to have a notch from its leaks. if you don’t believe, just look at the latest oxygen OS beta version. There is an option for the notch. It is visible in its quick setting panel too. I doubt it will have anything better that it will have anything better than the face unlock we can find on OnePlus 5T.


Dear Android makers, Please stop Copying iPhone X.

Even the smartphone manufacturer LG has joined in the race of bringing notch on their phone. They showed up LG G7 at mobile world congress 2018 to a select few peoples. And guess what, it has a notch either. Just look at the above image, that phone as a notch. There were reports that this phone was build up from the ground up. But I guess that was done just to bring notch into it.

I might have been able to forgive these companies for bringing notch on their phones. If they brought a bezel-less design with it.

Upcoming Smartphones in May 2018.

Look at the below phones. All of them have the notch and a big bezel on the bottom which looks weirdly awkward. So, what’s even the point of keeping notch into the phones? It’s offering nothing more than a way for Android makers to copy the iPhone X. And simply sell it to people who wants something that looks like iPhone x and that too at a lot lower price. Its just saddening to see android companies selling out their originality to simply copy everything apple is doing. I personally hate it.

Xiaomi Redmi S2

Just have look at some of these phones. They are going to come with the notch as rumored and yes, they will definitely come.

Below are some more phones that are leaked out with the notch that is yet to arrive in the market. But I am pretty sure that they will be on the market soon.

VIVO V9Dear Android makers, Please stop Copying iPhone X.

Ulefone T2 Pro:

Dear Android makers, Please stop Copying iPhone X.