Xiaomi has been a renowned brand in South Asian countries. With its cheap and highly featured smartphones, it has been able to reach every hand of the users. Xiaomi is not just limited to smartphones. It manufactures a lot of other cool stuff too. But our today’s article is related to Xiaomi smartphone feature. Xiaomi just came up with MIUI 10 update which is its custom skin for its devices.


At Xiaomi’s recent event held in China, the company revealed the latest iteration of MIUI. Yes, I am talking about the MIUI 10 update. It has revamped the User experience of Xiaomi smartphones and has brought a lot of features. Some features include Android P too. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s check out some really cool features of MIUI 10.

Cool and Best Features of MIUI 10 Update.

There has been a lot of fuss about the MIUI 10 features update. Here is the list of top features of MIUI 10 given below:

1. Gestures:


Gestures are the new In things in the smartphone world. So, it’s not surprising that Xiaomi has put gestures support in MIUI 10. The gestures here the same that were introduced in the MIUI 9. And it hasn’t arrived in global ROMs yet.


The gesture of almost every smartphone resembles the replica of iPhone X. there is the swipe up to Home gesture. And it works nicely. Also, there is the swipe and hold to get to the recent screen. But the best thing here is the back gesture. It is again the replica of ios gesture but I wish every android makers put this into their device.


You can also swipe from the right edge to go back but you would find countering it. These gestures will also let you multitask. You can swipe from the left or right edge to switch between apps. You will find them a bit slow but since it is a Beta version, you can expect things to get better. Apart from everything else, the gestures in MIUI 10 are pretty well done.

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2. UI Changes:


MIUI 10 also brings a number of changes on the UI side. Firstly, there is a new theme called “Rhodium”. It has got new wallpapers and new icons. It looks kind of old school and not everyone is going to be its fan.


The notification shade and the quick settings page have been revamped. They now look very similar to their counterpart Android P. it is a good thing in my opinion. The volume slider also looks like from Android P. it changes media volume by default. And there is a button to switch between ring and silent. There are also buttons to change other volumes which are also very handy.


Last but not least, there is a brand new recent screen. It is now a vertical scrolling page is a mosaic tile pattern. I find it interesting as it looks good and different. Also, it puts more apps right in front of me unlike the card layout in both stock android and ios. This makes switching to other apps a lot easier. Here, you can swipe over the apps, press and hold to lock them in the background. You can even enter the split screen and check out app info. Honestly, I am really impressed with the latest recent screen menu in MIUI 10.

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3. AI Features:


MIUI 10 like most of the other things these days has AI deep in its core. There is AI preload which is basically MIUI learning a user pattern to preload an app. So, that it opens faster when the user opens it up. The apps loaded faster in MIUI 9 so it definitely has got faster in MIUI 10.


There is also an MIUI portrait mode for devices which only has a single camera unit. It surprisingly clicks the picture with portrait mode with a single camera. Well, it is because the camera and CPU support the features.


Lastly on the AI side, there is Xiaomi’s voice assistant. It right now only speaks Chinese. The chances are it may only be exclusive to China. Well, I don’t speak Chinese so I have no idea if it is good or not.

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4. PIP Mode & Autofill:


It was quite disappointing when MIUI 9 didn’t bring the quite well-known feature of Android Oreo, the PIP mode, and Autofill. Well, there is a good news, they are finally there with MIUI 10. Yes, in MIUI 10 one can finally see google maps navigation screen via PIP mode which is so handy.

One does not need to type their password manually in every single app while setting things up. Thanks to Autofill. It just makes things easier. It’s great to see this feature in MIUI.

5. Improved Screen Recording:


MIUI has had native screen recording for a while now. But MIUI improves it. With MIUI 10, the screen recorder now has a system sounds option in sounds source. It basically lets you record audio from the phone. It is something which everyone always wanted from screen recorder application.


If you wish to record an audio from the screen with another phone, you need a rooted device. There are apps that let you record audio from the mic but this records the audio internally. It makes screen recording quite handy. Especially when someone wants to record games videos to show gameplay with sounds in the game. Hence, it is a pretty useful feature.

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6. MIUI Lab:

MIUI lab in MIUI is a place where Xiaomi likes to try out some experimental features. Like every other MIUI update, this new MIUI 10 update brings a bunch of new features. Firstly, they are tapless. It lets you press and hold an image to get more options. There is also a super-resolution feature which apparently uses AI to make images crisps in the app like WeChat.


Als,o there is a new car mode, which basically is Android auto. But instead of Google Assistant, it will use MIUI voice assistant to help you navigate. It will also help you to read messages, play music and accept calls in your car.

7. Other Features:MIUI 10

There are a lot of other features and changes in this latest flavor of Android skin offered by Mi.

For instance, there is a brand new manage apps page. It lets you batch uninstall apps and check out apps that have updates pending.

There is a system phone option in the display setting. There are not many choices here. But maybe we will see some new fonts here in near future.

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Apart from that, there is a quickpay shortcut in the quickball setting. It lets you quickly pay for things. Right now, it only works with WeChat & Alipay. But we can expect it to be native in different countries.

Those were some of the most exciting features in the MIUI 10 update. I certainly like the updates. But do keep in mind, this is the Chinese version of ROM we are talking about. So not all of these features might make it to the Global ROM variant. Global ROM will be available on June 7 as said by Xiaomi.

Anyways what do you think about the MIUI 10 update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box down below. Also, share this article with your friends and family if you liked it.