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Ever since Windows 10 was released, Microsoft has brought a numerous of updates for it. There has been anniversary update, creators update and recently the company unveiled the new fall creator update. These updates have brought a number of cool features to the operating system. And this also means, there are various hidden features and in Windows tricks 10 that you might have missed out on. Well, that’s what I am about to get you today.

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Today I am going to explain you 8 cool features and tricks of Windows 10 that are fairly unknown. So, let’s get started with our list.

  • Get Phone Notifications on Windows:

  • Checking notifications on your phone while you work on a laptop or pc isn’t a great experience. As you might have guessed, yes you can now get your phone notifications on your windows pc or laptop. All you need to do is install Cortana app on your smartphone. Next, setup Cortana with the same Microsoft account that you use on your pc. Once its setup, tap on the profile icon on the Cortana app. Here, go to settings and tap on the Sync Settings option. Now, just enable notifications for Missed calls, messages, apps, etc. Once done, open up your windows pc and go to Cortana settings. Here, click on the notifications and click on the Send notifications between devices. You can also click on manage notifications to check the notifications syncing from your phone is enabled. Once done, you will see different notifications from your Android smartphones. Plus, you will be able to respond to calls and messages right from your pc. Now, that is cool, isn’t it?
    get notified
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  • Free Up Storage via Storage Sense:

  • If you have high-end windows laptop with an SSD. You must have faced storage problem once in a while. Thankfully, Windows 10 brings great storage management. In the system page of settings, go to storage option. There you will find all the drives of your pc. You can click on the drive to get the specific details about what files are using up your storage on a device. Hence, you can delete files which you don’t even need. There are also temporary files and you can just click on it to delete temporary file, downloaded files, empty recycle bin and files from previous windows version. If you don’t want to go through hassles of cleaning up these files every now and then. You can just enable Storage sense which deletes temporary files from app and files in recycle bin that has been there for over 30 days. Now, it should surely free up some space.clean storage


  • Set Up and Schedule Night Light:

  • If you tend to use your laptop for long working hours, especially at night. You might have felt a little discomfort in your eyes. Well, that’s because of the blue light in the display. While I already have told about F.lux in my previous post that filters out the blue light from the display. But windows now offers a native solution known as Night Light. You can just head to windows settings, click on System then Display. You should see the night light option there. Just enable it and you should see the color temperature of the screen changes to more warmer tone. You can also personalize things if you want. You can schedule night light from sunset to sunrise or even set a custom time. This should definitely make viewing the display at night much comfortable. And also keep in mind that this feature requires Windows 10 Creators update.screen warmth
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  • Record Steps to a Particular Task:

  • Teaching someone to do a particular task on windows through texting or call can be very annoying. The best way is through images. Well, not many people know that windows include a cool step recorder feature that well, records all your steps. You can just launch Step Recorder feature through Cortana and a small window should open up. Just hit the start record button to start recording the steps you want to show someone.


  • Sticky Notes With Insights:

  • You must have used sticky Notes on your Windows PC. But did you know that they had really intelligent feature? Just open sticky notes by searching it on Cortana and hit the menu button in the sticky note. Next, click on the gear icon on the bottom. Here, just enable the insight option. Once done, you can just write the notes and set the reminder in Cortana. You can even specify the time in the note itself. Not only that, you can even note down phone numbers and even dial it via sticky notes. Well, sticky notes just got more useful.


  • Use Emojis Anywhere In Windows:

  • Emojis have become an integral part of our conversation over the internet. Sadly, there is no way to type an emojis using a hardware keyboard. Good news is you can send emojis using the on-screen keyboard of windows 10. Just right-click on the taskbar and click on show keyboard option. Now, the touch keyboard will be available to you all times. Now, you can just open it and go to emoji page and send as many emojis as you emoji
  • Automatically lock your pc:

  • There are situations when you get up from your computer desk to grab a cup of coffee but you forget to lock your pc. I guess you wouldn’t like your co-workers to get a peek into your workstation, would you? Well, this is where this cool dynamic lock feature comes into play. Dynamic lock automatically locks your pc when you are away. Yes, to enable it you will have to pair your phone with your pc via Bluetooth. Next, you can just head to settings and go to Accounts and then to sign in options. There, just scroll down below and tick the checkbox of a dynamic lock. Voila, you are done. Now, whenever you move away from your laptop with your phone. Your laptop will automatically be locked when your phone is out of the computer Bluetooth range. Let me tell you that, this feature is only available to Windows 10 creators update.
  • Enable Bash Shell & Use Linux Commands:

  • Microsoft brought some great news for Linux geeks when they announced the special version of the Bash Shell as part of Windows 10. However, if you want to use it, you will have to enable it. So, first go to windows settings and hit to update and security. Next, go to For Developer option and enable the developer mode. Then, open the control panel and click on program and features. Next click on the Turn Windows features on or off. In the new windows that pops up, enable the option that says “ Windows Subsystems for Linux”. Next, you will have to restart your PC. Once it restarts, search for Bash which will open up cmd window. Here, you will have to enter “Y” to install Ubuntu first. Once it’s done, you will be able to use Bash shell as if you were on a computer having Ubuntu.

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