Most of us are Windows user. It’s the widely used operating system around the world. Yeah, Mac is also quite popular but the reachability of Windows has been much more. Hence, there are tons of programs and software available for Windows. Some of them are Free while some needs a premium membership. Today I have talked about top free windows software you should give a try in 2018.

Free Windows Software to Try Out in 2018

Free Windows Software

I guess you might have heard about some of these programs but some may be new to you. All of them are windows compatible while some are available for Mac either. Let’s start with our list now.


This is a free software which is a recovery tool. It allows you to recover files on your hard drive that you have deleted. It recovers the files even if you have emptied the recycle bin. So, the name has been kept as rhyming like Recuva similar to recover.

Free Windows Software Recuva

The reason these software works is when you delete the file on the hard drive or solid state drive. The file is not necessarily gone at the moment. What actually happens is that block of space the file was taking up, has been labeled as free space by the file system. Hence, it can be used as a free space.

This means even after a file has been technically permanently deleted, a program like Recuva can still recover it.  You need to scan if the file is there and restore it. The longer time has been passed, chances are the portions of the files are lost or corrupted. It happens as the empty space are taken up by some new files. So, there is no guarantee that a file can be completely recovered. Still, there is no reason not to try this software. It can save you from a lot of troubles.

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DaVinci Resolve:

This software is great for anyone who wants a top-notch professional Video Editor program that is also free of cost. DaVinci Resolve is a powerful video editing tool by the company Black Magic.

Free Windows Software DaVinci Resolve

For a long time, this program has been one of the best color grading software. This software even has been used in the films like X-Men, Tomorrowland. It was exclusively just used for Color Grading not editing. But now, they have completely revamped it. They have made it into a full-fledged video editor.

There is a paid studio version in addition to the free version. That is just for some extra features which most people won’t care about anyway. Now as you can imagine the powerful editor like this has a pretty steep learning curve. But I don’t think it’s any deep than any of the other video editors out there. It’s definitely not the Windows Movie maker, that’s for sure.

Like I said you can use this for the more complicated project. This software might be the best free software while compared to any premium software out there.

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This free windows software is very simple. It shows your computer specs which are another pun. The thing which I liked about this program is that it has a nice look. It has a cool and simple layout and the information is well organized.

Free Windows Software speccy

The summary page shows the basic information about the main components. You can also dive deeper in the left and it will give you more information about your computer. There is information which you won’t ever need still knowing about your machine is a good thing.

You might find this software interesting. You can just poke around, check your drive health status or any other information. This free tool gives tons of information.


We have another free windows software known as LibreOffice which technically is a suite of few different software. LibreOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office which includes Words, Excel, Powerpoint, and so on. I can’t imagine it’s quite as feature rich as the whole Microsoft office suite. But then someone like me who only uses the basic features of them anyway, LibreOffice is more than capable.

Free Windows Software libreoffice

Plus, you can save the same file in the format that Microsoft Office uses. So the word processor called Writer can open and save docx file. The spreadsheet program called Calc can open and save xlsx file. The other program included are Impress which is like powerpoint, Base which is like Access for databases. It also has a drawing program and also one for writing math formulas.

And yes, this is all by the way cross-platform. So if you ever have used Ubuntu, then you know it comes preloaded. It’s definitely worth checking out if you don’t want to pay Microsoft a hefty amount for the Office suite.

Bulk Rename Utility:

This one free windows software is pretty interesting. If you can’t figure it out based on the name. Then you need to go back to the school and finish the first grade.

Free Windows Software bulkrenameutility

It basically allows you to rename a bunch of files at once in different ways. You won’t probably appreciate this program until you need it. Now, when you open up this program. You definitely going to be overwhelmed thinking what the heck you are looking at. It is because it is not so pretty in look.

It’s not really bad either as all the options are laid in front of your eyes at once. There are a lot of options present there. So if you have a bunch of files and all of them with different names. You just want to add a prefix to the beginning of all of them. Well, there is a section where you could do just that.

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This one is free windows software is a Voice over internet protocol program. You can talk with others using text, chat, voice, and video as well. But it features extend way beyond that. The main idea is that you can setup Discord servers that are either private or public. Within each server, you can set up separate channels or rooms.

Free Windows Software discord

One use might be, you set up a server for you and your friends and maybe they want to do voice chat and play different video games. Those who want to play one game can go in one channel and another game in the other. It also lets you share files and images right inline during the chat. Yes, you can customize the server quite a bit. You can have different permissions for moderators and set them for different peoples. You can even have custom emoticons for different peoples.

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This is classic free windows software which is just awesome. It is used for customizing your computer desktop. You can download different plugins called skins which are kind of like different widgets. They just sit on your desktop and do stuff.

Free Windows Software rainmeter

They can do anything from showing you the system volume to current RAM usage. It also can show the weather, or act as links to different websites and really anything you can think of. There are thousands of plugins with all sorts of design out there made by all sorts of different peoples.

They are few sites that aggregate rainmeter skins. You can search through them and get a cool skin for your pc or laptop.

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This free windows software is a really simple like its name. It shows you all sorts of info about the media files, specifically audio and video. For example, you can right-click a file and click on MediaInfo. Next, it will bring up a window with all sorts of stats about that file. The bit rate of the video, kind of video codecs it uses, what audio streams it has, the resolutions, the frame rate and many more.

Free Windows Software mediainfo

It’s not that you will use every day but it is pretty useful.

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You can think this free windows software as a bulk rename utility except it has been designed for changing and fixing the metadata. It helps you feed the proper titles, artist names, album names, etc. with this software, you can change any information of the audio files you want.

Free Windows Software mp3tag

You can also do cool stuff like setting the tags based on the filename.

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