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Android App you should give a Try.

Android market is filled with millions of applications. There has been numerous of applications in Google play store. In this post, I am going to talk about some of the top android applications, you should give a try in 2018. So, let’s get started.

Cake Browser:   

The first app is a browser and is named as Cake browser. It takes a slightly different approach to google chrome, UC browser or Mozilla Firefox. In this browser, when you type in a search term, it loads up every relevant website. So, from the search menu, you can just swipe across and can pull up every single page instantly. The initial loading takes a bit of more time as compared to other browsers as it loads every relevant page to the search term. But having all these pages loaded at the same time lets you flip between them much easier. So, if you are searching something with multiple opinions, this is much easier doing it. It might suck some extra amount of data though.

Smart Kit 360:


So, this application is an application having multiple functionalities of application inside it and is named as Smart Kit 360, one application that tries to replace thirty-two others. It is essentially what it says in the description. It combines many simple tasks into one unified interface. Everything from a notepad to a file manager and stopwatch to a torch. This application has every basic task covered. All of them work offline as well as online.


The next application we have got is called CleanFox which is predicated on reducing your carbon footprints. The way it does is kind of beneficial to you as well. You just need to sign in using an email address and it will tell you in a Tinder-style swipe interface all the different newsletter that you have subscribed to. And with one swipe, you can delete or delete and unsubscribe every single email because apparently, 1 email emits 10gm CO2 per year. Even the company plans to plant a tree every time a user gets his friend to sign up. So, it very much feels like win-win situation doing your bit to help the planet and making your own life easier.


Perhaps, you don’t know but there is an app called TEXTTO which allows you to send text messages from your desktop or laptop without making you download any additional software. All you need is a web browser and you can send the message to anyone. Its like replacement of iMessage for Android users.

Grammarly Keyboard:

I guess all of us know about the chrome extension known as Grammarly which would watch what you type and correct your grammars wherever you made mistake. So, as the next step by the company, they launched an Android Keyboard with the same name. so, no matter in what application you are typing and what you are typing. It will constantly be monitoring your words and sentences and would be suggesting you the correct ones.


This one application is a self-explanatory one and is called GRANULAR IMMERSIVE FREE. So, the moment when you have got an 18:9 ratio phone but you saw that most of the applications don’t fill the display. So, what you can do is, select individual application that doesn’t support full-screen mode and this app will make them support.  Some smartphones already have this kind of functionality built into them, but this is really for them which doesn’t have it.

Google Storyboard:

This one app is by Google itself which is known as the STORYBOARD. This app lets you load up the video and yes, I will prefer the word loading as it takes a while to load the video. But once it’s done, it turns it into a comic book which one can constantly pull down to refresh that will change the layout, the filters it has been applied and the frames. It selects the frame which can best highlight the scene in the video.


When a list of my favorite application comes up, one of them is one i.e. Vimage. If you didn’t notice, it is the combination of words video and image and that’s what it does. Once you select the pic from the gallery, it gives you a screen which lets you tweak things like saturation, sharpness, contrast, and all those basic functions. Then, it takes you to the 2nd screen which lets you pick from a number of moving effects.

Firefox Focus:

At last, we have, Firefox Focus yet another browser but with a different feature.  It blocks every single pop up, tracker, cookies of every website you visit which makes it not only secure but also very fast. One of my favorite part of it is, once you are done browsing, all you need is to tap on the dustbin icon on the right lower corner and everything is cleared.


So, which app did make you happy and how many of them you have tried. Do let us know in the comment box below.

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