About Us

101Nepal is a digital media that focuses on the latest Technology Trends going around the world. We are proud to share the news and articles about the inventions, innovations and different cool software, hardware and gadgets features that hit the market or come into existence. 

At 101Nepal, we are passionate about the technology. We feed ourselves with a hunger of the trends in inventions and innovations happening around the globe. We aim to inform and educate peoples about everything which we love.

 101Nepal was started by Madhav Prasad Kushwaha. Being a technology enthusiast, I always loved to learn about technology, its tweaks and how it can change our lives. Following my passion for technology, I pursued Bachelor in Engineering in Computer Science Engineering from Bangalore, India which is also known as Technology Hub of India. 

As of now, we have 3 members in our content creation team who are always motivated in conveying up to date information to the readers, are the backbone to 101Nepal. They have taken out their time to seek the information and give their own touch to it, presenting the information to the readers. The writings are not just limited to writers, we all work as a team, whether the co-founders or editors, in an effort to help all the viewers and readers get updated with technological progress around us.