As of today, Xiaomi has set itself a big name in the whole Asian market in just a few years of time. Xiaomi is just another smartphone manufacturer and we all know that very well. We all have used various Xiaomi products such as Smartphones, Earphones, Power Banks, Fitness Bands even its Xiaomi smart shoes. However, there is a number of other unique products that Xiaomi manufactures and sells which you have no idea about. So, please keep visiting the website and keep updating yourself as I always bring something unique to you all. So, let’s talk about 5 products that Xiaomi sells and you had no idea about. Even before writing, I had the idea about very few of the products. Now, let’s get started with our list.

  • Xiaomi Infrared Thermometers:

    We all hate thermometers as the thermometers which doctors put in our mouth have been used by so many of peoples. That is quite uncomfortable and doesn’t feel good to use. So, how about a thermometer, that tells you about your body temperature without even touching you or just by touching. Yeah, you guessed it correct. I am talking about Xiaomi Infrared thermometer. Its quite simple to use, just point the thermometer to the person’s forehead. The device works even one doesn’t make in contact with the skin but the results would be much better if it is touched to the skin. And after this, just pressing a key present on the device shows you the temperature. So simple, isn’t it?

  • Xiaomi TDS Pen:

    Drinking contaminated water can result in all sort of diseases. Trust me, when I say seemingly clean water that looks crystal clear to the eye may contain many impurities. So, it’s important that the water you drink is clean. Well, Xiaomi TDS pen helps you exactly with that. Basically, this device is a water tester and can test the quality of water. Its another simple to use Xiaomi device. You can just put the device in the water you want to test and press the switch. The device itself is going to show you the TDS value of the liquid. The lesser the TDS value, the better the water is for health.

  • Xiaomi Mask:

  • If you thought that MI band and amaze fit are the only wearables that Xiaomi makes then you might go wrong here. This product here is another wearable by Xiaomi, and it is a mask. Yes, Xiaomi makes mask too. I know it’s not surprising anymore. By the way, masks by Xiaomi has filtration efficiency more than 97% and it blocks dust, exhausts from car and vehicles, Polan and PM 2.5 which are almost filled in every city. The design is such flexible that it covers mouth and nose completely and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable either. These masks will easily last for 6 months.
  • Xiaomi ihealth glucometer:

    Xiaomi ihealth glucometer is a device that helps you measure the glucose level in your blood which is also known as blood sugar. It works like just any other glucometer. You just need to put your blood on the strip inside the glucometer and connect the device to your smartphone and now open the ihealth glucometer app and it will show you the amount of glucose in your blood. The app also records your past history so that you can know whether you are getting better or not. So simple, isn’t it?

  • Xiaomi Umbrella:

  • Have you seen the movie, Kingsman: the secret service, well if you have. Then you must have seen the umbrella used in the movie, which protects the actor from being shot by the bullet and even it shoots bullet like a gun too, basically a very cool weapon. Well, Xiaomi umbrella is nothing like that. But yeah, it does have a cool feature, and that is there is a button on clicking which the umbrella opens up. You will say, that there is this button to open umbrella in almost every umbrella these days. But what every other umbrella doesn’t have is that by clicking the same button on Xiaomi umbrella, it folds up the umbrella. Cool, isn’t it?

So, these are some cool products being manufactured by Xiaomi about which not so many have the idea about. Comment down below, how did you feel about the post.