5 Useful Google Chrome extensions

If you are a regular internet user, then I am pretty sure that most of you must be using Google Chrome browser on your PC or laptop. After the launch of Chrome, it has improved a lot and the extension it provides has made our life much easier than ever before. Though there are a lot of extensions out there, we are not really known to most of them. Today, I am going to share some of the cool Google Chrome Extension, which I bring into use on any normal day.

Let me tell you that all the extensions which have made into our list are as of 2018 and has the rating below 1000 on extension market. So, let’s get started with our list.

  • PrintLiminator

  • PrintLiminator is an extension which is really going to come handy. This extension helps you a lot whenever you want to take a print out of the webpage. Normally, when you print web pages, it ends up looking terrible because there are so many things on the website that clutter up and mess up the formatting. Well, PrintLiminator lets you simply let you click on the different asset of the website and removes them. So, it won’t be there when you take the printout. This is also useful when you take a screenshot of a website and you want to remove annoying pieces of stuff like social media icons, links or sensitive information like contacts or addresses before printing your screen. Hence, there are a lot of different usage of this extension.
  • Rescroller

  • This extension lets you customize the scrollbar of google chrome. This extension can be good for both visual and practical reasons that I can talk about. It works simply, you just go into the extension and choose different option about how it looks. Like width, the color, the fill of the scrollbar, whether or not it should have rounded corners and even what color it should show when you hover it over. Besides that, this extension can help those who have really high-resolution monitor. For example, you may have a 4K monitor but the scrollbar seems smaller compared to the rest of the screen. With this extension, you can adjust the scrollbar size so it’s bigger and easier to click on with bigger screens.
  • Fontface Ninja

  • This extension is also a cool one as it simply tells you what different fonts are being used on any websites. Along with that, it will give you the link where you can actually download that font to use it for yourself. Also, whether the font is free or you need to pay for it. All you need to do is click on the icon of the extension to activate it and the first thing you will notice is an entire list of fonts being used on the website. The coolest part of this extension is, it shows the font details of every text whenever you hover over them. Along with that, it will give you information about current font size to the vertical and horizontal spacing and even the font color. Another cool thing about this extension is that when you click a font in the list. It will open a text box so that you can try out the font and resize it to see how it looks when you type stuff in it along with the link of the site where you can download or buy the font.
  • Wolfram Alpha

  • If you are not familiar than wolfram alpha is a website that basically does calculations. Not it can do any mathematical calculations but you can also ask it for information on anything. This includes information about chemistry, physics, music, geography, sports, computer science, history, etc. you just need to type the topic and it will give you everything related to the topic.
  • New Tab Draftnotepad tab

  • This one is really simple but very useful. It is called ad New Tab Draft and it just turns any tab you open into a notepad. This is great for any time you would like to write something down quickly and you don’t have to open up notepad or any other program going through various options. You can save it as a text file using CTRL + S.

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