15 reasons why is it ok to fail

15 Reasons why is it ok to fail

Failing gives us immense pain. The situation of being a failure is tough and its quite hard to tackle with the moment and face the people around us. Who loves to fail? Of course, no one ever did nor anyone ever will be happy by failing. It is the mentality which has been fed to our brain that failing is the worst thing ever could happen to anyone. But is it true? Definitely not. Why should we take it as a big deal, we failed because we tried. If we never tried, we would have never failed. Majority of us takes failure in a negative way and end up demotivating to self and others. Today, let us talk about 15 reasons why it’s totally ok to fail.

  1. Failure motivates us to work harder:

Most of the people take failure is like the closing of the door of life and career. People have grown mentality as once we fail then we are never worthy to win or achieve again in life. But what lesson we actually should take from failure is to work harder instead of mourning and being sad.


  1. Humans are never perfect:

What we should not forget is that no one ever has been completely perfect as a human being. Even the scientist who has made greatest discoveries in the history of mankind have failed time and again. Humans have the tendency to do mistakes so it should be taken as normal.


  1. We learn better after failing:

If one has already failed then it’s obvious that he would learn much better the next time. The failure makes us realize what mistakes we committed and what led us to failure and certainly a person would be more focused and concentrated from the next time.


  1. Failure helps to discover new path:

It’s not necessary that anyone can be achiever the very next time after failing once. Sometimes when we are not on the right path, we fail time and again. But if we are motivated enough to keep trying then we always find some different ways to do the same task since we have failed time and again. So, it opens the door for new plans and paths.


  1.  We move out of our comfort zone:

Once we fail, we get that big hunger for success and want to achieve anyhow. And often when we crave for anything, we are ready to sacrifice any comfort for achieving that. So, what I have personally observed is that whenever I aimed to achieve something, I left my comfort zone and worked out day and night to get that.


  1. We don’t repeat the same mistakes:

As a failure, I personally will always check out what mistakes I committed that resulted in failure. Once we fail, it’s more obvious that we won’t be repeating the same mistake again.


  1. The person who fails becomes a better mentor:

Yes, it’s true that winner tells the best story of achievement. But, it is also a true fact that the one who failed will train you much better as he knows very well that what mistakes leads to failure. The winner knows the happiness of achievement but the failure knows the mistakes to be avoided.


  1. Failing is the first step towards success:

Yes, I mean it and I can prove it. Just go around the history and read the biographies of those who had done the biggest discoveries in the past. They all have tasted failure not just once or twice but multiple times. It was their hunger for success that they ended up being successful. So, unless you fail, you are never going to get success.


  1. It helps us make different plans:

Sometimes, it’s not necessary that we are good at what we are trying to achieve. Many times, we have seen that the person failing time and again at one thing end up getting success in some other thing. So, when we keep trying upon something, we come to know our potential and using that potential in the correct way, we can change our status from failure to achiever.


  1. We fail because we try:

Have you ever seen someone who failed by not trying? No, because the one who fails is the one who tries something new. Maybe we haven’t done it properly or we don’t know about that at the moment but if we keep trying then it is for sure that we are going to achieve. It’s a true fact that success comes to those who try and fails.


  1. The one who fails is risk taker:

Not everyone has the stamina and boldness to face the failure time and again. Failure often encourages us to try something new and something different. The one who fails always tries to take some new risk in hope to achieve something. And they are the people who end up being successful in life.


  1. If you have never failed, you don’t know what success tastes like:

Being the success in the first attempt is great but the feeling of being a success after failing multiple times gives the real pleasure of happiness. And the person who gets success after failure knows to handle success better than any other person.


  1. Failures stay longer on the top:

There is no doubt that the one who achieved the top spot after many attempts is going to stay there for the longer time as he/she would always make sure to avoid each and every mistake that hindered them from getting the spot earlier.


  1. Failures are better in handling any situation:

It is no denying fact that failing has a very bad effect on our mentality but the one who comes out of it and starts again can handle any situation very efficiently. He/she might be the best person to get advice from during the tough times.


  1. Failure helps you recognize people around you:

It is no denying fact that everyone loves to be and hang around the successful people but those who stay beside us during our failure are the real one who actually cares for us. So the failure also helps us to recognize and see the real face of everyone who claims to be our well-wishers.

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